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5 Rules for Winter Mowing Atlanta, GA

5 Rules for Winter Mowing

Mowing the grass with a lawn mower

Just because the cold weather is here, doesn’t mean it is time to store your lawn mower. Although it’s more on an “as needed” basis, your turf will still need to be groomed over the winter months. Your winter lawn care needs are largely dependent on the weather conditions outside as well as the type of grass you have. However, all grasses will slow in growth and go dormant over the winter, which requires much less mowing than other times of year. But you’re not off the hook altogether. In fact, mowing during the winter requires special precautions.

Cold Weather Mowing Tips

  • #1 Set your mower blade a touch higher than would during the summer. You’ll need to aim to remove no more than 1/3 of recent growth in your grass, regardless of what type you have. If not, you may unknowingly stress out and damage your lawn.
  • #2 Avoid mowing during an active frost. While frost and freezing is less common in Georgia, it still occurs. Even mowing during a light dusting of frost could lead to damage within your grass as well as your blades. In most cases, this simply means waiting to mow until later in the day, after the sun has had a chance to thaw your grass blades.
  • #3 Never mow when the ground is wet or soggy. Grass that has recently been exposed to rain or moderate /heavy snow is not quite ready to be mowed. Mowing too soon could cause your mower to rip out the blades of grass entirely.
  • #4 Consider leaving your lawn clippings on your lawn after you mow. This can act as a layer of protection to the crown of your lawn. A mulching mower makes this job easy.
  • #5 Use the winter months for standard lawn mower maintenance tasks. Just like other tools and equipment in your home, your mower demands some routine care. Utilize the slow winter season to wash the undercarriage of your mower, sharpen the blades and change out the oil.

Not sure you have the time, know-how or desire to keep up with your lawn during the winter? Let us know. We know this is a busy season for many families, and we are happy to send out our lawn care experts to handle your winter landscaping needs. We can provide as much or little service as you need. Call today to get a quote for winter lawn maintenance with Green Lights Landscaping.

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