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Do You Have a Drainage Problem? Atlanta, GA

Do You Have a Drainage Problem?

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Are you tired of your soggy lawn? If your landscape has trouble recovering after a hard rainfall, you may need to address a drainage problem. Signs of a drainage issue can include standing water, soggy grass, migrating mulch, mosquitoes, lawn disease and dying plants. Without proper drainage solutions in place, your landscape can be increasingly damaged with each influx of rainwater.

Solving your poor drainage should start with determining what is causing water to pool in the first place. Here are four of the most common reasons for a swampy yard:

#1 Incorrect Watering
Are you overwatering your lawn? Is your irrigation system leaking or malfunctioning?
#2 Gutter Problem
Do you notice a waterfall coming off the roof when it rains? While your roof should be able to eliminate large amounts of water, if your gutters are damaged or not functioning the way they should, it can lead to a downspout of excess water in one area of your landscape and significant soil erosion over time.
#3 Your Property’s Slope
It may be that your yard needs to be regraded so that it doesn’t slope too steep or the wrong way. If your home sits on the low point of your yard slope, you could be at risk for structural damage and costly repairs to your home foundation.
#4 Neighbor’s Water Problems
Some neighborhoods are tightly packed and a neighbor’s drainage solution may include part of your yard. Often where property lines meet becomes the common drainage area. This creates a sloshy, unusable area of your lawn.

Hire a Landscaper and Be Proactive

Unfortunately, drainage and erosion issues don’t typically resolve on their own. In fact, they will only get worse over time. Therefore, if you notice signs of poor drainage on your property, it is wise to take action sooner rather than later. Our team at Garden Lights Landscaping is fully equipped to diagnose and remedy your soggy lawn. Call our Metro Atlanta landscapers today for a free estimate.

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