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Does Your Retaining Wall Need Repair? Atlanta, GA

Does Your Retaining Wall Need Repair?

A Retaining Wall at a Residential Home

While retaining walls can be created to add aesthetic value to a landscape, they primarily serve a functional purpose of reducing damage and erosion from rainwater on a sloped property. Essentially, this hardscape design should hold the soil in place in areas that are uneven and redirect drainage elsewhere. There are various types and materials of retaining walls, but they are all subject to structural damage or failure over time. When retaining wall repair is neglected, you may experience considerable damage to your property as well as ramifications from not actively meeting building codes and regulations.

Reasons Why Retaining Walls Fail or Suffer Damage

Regardless of how durable you think your retaining wall is, it is still vulnerable to structural compromise. There are many factors that can contribute to retaining wall damage, including:

  • Poor installation or construction
  • Insufficient quality of materials used in construction
  • Stress factors around the area or wall
  • Improper drainage/Erosion issues

How to Tell If Your Retaining Wall Needs Repair

While you may understand the ways in which a retaining wall can get damaged, are you able to tell when your wall needs repair? The following are warning signs that you need to call a professional landscaper who is qualified to handle retaining wall repairs:

  • Bowed, tilted walls
  • Crumbling or creaking pavers
  • Wall separating from main structure
  • Large splits or multiple cracks
  • Moving soil, signs of erosion in landscape

If you think that your retaining wall needs attention, call the experts at Garden Lights Landscaping. We understand how to strategically construct and place retaining walls, as well as how to repair them when they show signs of failure. Call today to get your estimate!

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