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Give Your Front Yard a Facelift Atlanta, GA

Give Your Front Yard a Facelift

While you may not use your front yard as much as your backyard, its appearance is very important. Your front yard landscaping is what adds curb appeal to your property and value to your home. How would you rate the look of your front yard? It is bland and untidy or eye-catching and manicured? Here are some easy ways to give your front yard a facelift this year:

Add Flowers

One of the easiest and most affordable way to add curb appeal to your front yard is to plant some flowers. Flowers not only set a welcoming tone for your space, but they also provide bold pops of color to compliment your home’s exterior.

Create a Front Yard Patio

Who says patios are only for backyards? Consider installing a small paver patio in the front of your house. Front patios can act like a front porch, inviting neighbor interaction and giving you a place to relax at the end of the day.

Redefine Your Walkway

Whether you need to add a new walkway or spruce up an old one, this is an excellent and simple way to make your front yard more intriguing. Consider bordering your walkway with plants (boxwood, hosta) or upgrade the material with flagstone or custom pavers.

Mix Textures

Just like indoor design, outdoor style is more attractive when you combine different textures. A landscaping expert can help you balance texture in your front yard, which may include flowy greenery with sturdy rocks and soft flowers. Water features and hardscapes are another way to add varying textures to your front yard.

Does your front yard need a facelift? Call Garden Lights Landscaping. We understand what it takes to make your home more appealing from the street. Our landscaping and design services are always tailored to your unique style and budget.

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