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Swimming Pool Construction: The Details are Important Atlanta, GA

Swimming Pool Construction: The Details are Important

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If you are in the process of building a new pool, you know that there are plenty of details to consider. Regardless of whether you are installing a small private pool or a luxury commercial pool, there is no detail too small. Not only should your pool be safe and built to code, but it should also align with your personal needs and goals. At Garden Lights Landscaping, it’s our job to bring your vision to life. To this end, we are meticulous about the details of your custom pool construction process.

Types of Decisions You’ll Need Make

You are likely to make many of the big decisions about your pool before the construction begins. These may include your selections for the pool shape, plaster color, tile, coping and location. You’ll also establish whether your pool is salt or chlorine and choose any additional features, such as sun decks, slides, spas, etc. However, there are still plenty of details to address during the construction phase or until your pool project is completed.

It’s the construction details that can really give your swimming pool personality and individuality. Your pool will only be as good as its builder. Therefore, it is critical that you select a pool builder who can anticipate and address the smallest details, including those you may not have considered. A good pool builder will carefully weigh factors such how exposed your pool may be to the weather elements due to its location. Do you need an automated pool cover to keep leaves out of your pool when not in use? Maybe your pool deck needs to be a material that won’t fade in the hot sun or cause kids to slip and fall. At Garden Lights Landscaping, we think of these details – and so much more!

Custom Pool Builder in Atlanta

Our skilled team handles every aspect of your swimming pool project, from the design stage to the final construction. We recognize that the details not only matter, but they exist in every facet of your project, including the design, material selection, permit, site prep, drainage control and final installation. As elite landscaping contractors, we can also handle the area around your pool for a beautiful and complete look. Call Garden Lights Landscaping today to learn more about our custom pool projects.

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