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The Perks of Privacy Trees Atlanta, GA

The Perks of Privacy Trees

Privacy Trees

Do you need more solitude in your own backyard? One of the most subtle and attractive ways to create a natural barrier is with privacy trees. When strategically placed, a row of privacy trees can address your personal needs for privacy and retreat while also adding style and appeal to your landscape design.

Are privacy trees right for you? Here are several reasons why homeowners and business owners choose to add privacy trees along the border of their property:

  • Conceals unsightly views
  • Shields onlookers or curious neighbors
  • Creates separation without blocking sunlight and the natural breeze
  • Screens a backyard swimming pool or entertainment area
  • Muffles street noise
  • Hides cars or street lights
  • Blocks strong winds

Why Privacy Trees over Fencing?

Why not just install a fence? Hardscape options such as fencing are ideal when you need guaranteed protection and privacy. However, you’ll lose the “softscape” aesthetic appeal of privacy trees and be forced to abide by HOA guidelines for fences, which can include specifics in terms of material, height and other features. Privacy trees are often enough to create the solitude you desire in the most attractive and environmentally-friendly way.

Types of Privacy Trees

Not all trees are considered good privacy trees. It is important that you select the best type of privacy trees for your specific needs as well as your personal style. At Garden Lights Landscaping, we can present privacy tree options that are dense and hold their foliage year-round. It may also be important to consider how fast the trees grow so that you don’t have to wait months or years for your desired privacy. In general, we recommend evergreen conifers and broadleaved evergreens and suggest Magnolias, Ornamental Cherry trees and Crabapple trees as popular privacy trees that can add color to your landscape.

Ready to learn more about how you can get privacy trees on your Atlanta property? Call Garden Lights Landscaping today to schedule your complimentary quote.

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