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Three Ways to Fix Your Backyard Drainage Problem Atlanta, GA

Three Ways to Fix Your Backyard Drainage Problem

iron grate of a backyard drainage system

Do you dread the hard summer rainstorms because of what the extra water does to your yard? Soggy areas of your lawn can render your backyard landscape unattractive and unusable. When rainwater doesn’t drain properly on your property, it can lead to swampy or dying grass, soil erosion, flooded flower gardens, insects, structural damage and more. Fortunately, a qualified landscaper can offer a solution, which typically involves one of the following:

  • #1 Adjust or Repair Your Gutter Downspouts
    Before you install a new drainage system in your backyard, it is important to first inspect your gutter downspouts. A simple extension to your gutter downspout may be all you need to ensure water doesn’t pool too close to your house or landscape. This is one of the quickest and cheapest solutions to drainage problems.
  • #2 Create a Dry Creek Bed
    A dry creek bed is simply the strategic arrangement of rocks in a gully or trench to channel water away from low lying areas of your property (or those that frequently flood). Dry creek beds can be an excellent solution for those who want to add natural beauty to their landscape while still solving erosion or drainage issues.
  • #3 Install a French Drain
    A French drain is one of the most time-tested solutions for poor backyard drainage. This involves burying a perforated pipe to carry and disperse extra rainwater over your landscape. French drains require the expert installation of a lawn professional and should be surrounding by material (such as gravel) that can handle the water in a way that does not cause flooding or erosion.

Need an expert for your French drain or other drainage solution? Call Garden Lights Landscaping in Atlanta. We promise honest workmanship, affordable prices and customer satisfaction when it comes to protecting and improving your backyard.

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