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Tips for an Attractive Commercial Landscape Design Atlanta, GA

Tips for an Attractive Commercial Landscape Design

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If you own a business, don’t dismiss the power of your landscape. What your clients, visitors or patrons see on the outside can strongly influence how they view your business on the inside. In other words, the layout and condition of commercial landscape can hurt or harm your overall profits and success.

When it comes to landscape design for your business, here are some things to consider:

Consider your primary focal points. You’ll want to design your landscape around main focal points such as trees, garden benches or other attractive elements. These are areas of your landscape that you want the eyes to be drawn to first.

Maintain symmetry at all times. Especially if you are wanting a formal commercial landscape, symmetry is very important. This also means that you need to consider how committed you are to the maintenance of your landscape. For example, shrubs and trees on either side of a walkway need to look the same. If one side becomes diseased or damaged, you’ll need to replace both plants to maintain ideal symmetry.

Don’t overdo curves. Incorporating curves in your landscape design can be a very attractive feature, as it can help your property stand out from other straight lined and “boxy” commercial landscapes. However, it is important to be subtle with your curves and not overdo this design element.

Plant Installation to accentuate your building. Your business is in your building. Therefore, you’ll want to consider the strategic installation of plants to complement the structure of your building and even make it look better. Be careful not to plant a tree that will grow large and cover up your building or shadow it.

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