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Tips for Landscaping Around Your Outdoor Pool Atlanta, GA

Tips for Landscaping Around Your Outdoor Pool

Outdoor swimming pool in the back yard.

Outdoor swimming pools aren’t just found in hotels and recreation centers. Today, it is very common for residents to have a custom swimming pool in their own backyard. While the design, installation and maintenance of your pool is undoubtedly significant, don’t dismiss the importance of the landscaping around your pool too. It’s much more than simply planting a few pretty flowers or laying sod. In fact, there are some right and wrong things to do when it comes to your poolside landscaping that can impact the appearance of your outdoor space as well as the health of the swimming pool itself.

To ensure you achieve and maintain the backyard oasis you desire, we recommend the following tips for landscaping around your custom pool:

Put Safety First
For any pool owner, you have a responsibility to keep other safe around this small body of water on your property. Aside from swimming pool alarms and slip-free pool decks, you should also consider fence installation into your landscape design to keep children and pets away from the pool unattended.
Don’t Plant Grass Too Close to the Pool
When it comes to your pool perimeter, you may have envisioned a carpet of a soft, green grass. In reality, however, planting grass can be a bad idea for your pool, as grass clippings can easily find their way into the pool water, causing a mess or even damage. If you insist on grass around your pool, choose an ornamental variety that does not shed and requires less mowing.
Do Your Research on Plants and Flowers Before You Plant
When choosing which flowers and plants you want to border your pool, it’s easy to get caught up in aesthetics. While it is important to use flowers to bring uniqueness and style to your backyard pool, there are some plants that are better than others. Do your research and consider factors such as the scent of the plant, how much it grows or sheds and whether it attracts insects.

Call a Landscaper Who Also Builds Pools

At Garden Lights Landscaping, we are the perfect team for your custom swimming pool project because we do it all! Not only do we install outdoor pools, but we can also handle the landscaping, irrigation, hardscapes and outdoor living elements that can complete your backyard oasis. Call our Atlanta pool builders and landscapers today to learn more.

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