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Tips for Seasonal Color Atlanta, GA

Tips for Seasonal Color

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The early spring months are ideal for watching color erupt in your landscape. But what if you could enjoy a colorful yard throughout the year? Seasonal color is something we specialize in at Garden Lights Landscaping. We recognize that color is an easy way to boost your curb appeal. In fact, homeowners with a more colorful landscape are more likely to enjoy and use their yard compared to those that dismiss the importance of seasonal color. For commercial property owners, seasonal color can be strong marketing strategy to lure clients to your business and set a positive tone.

General Guidelines for Seasonal Color from an Expert

There are many helpful rules and guidelines that we adhere to when planning your seasonal color at Garden Lights Landscaping, including the following:

  • Seasonal color needs harmony. Harmony in a landscape can be created when the same color schemes are repeated.
  • Cool colors (greens, blues or pastels) work well together to create an ambiance of tranquility, and they can also make your space appear larger than it really is.
  • Warm colors (red, orange and yellow) offer a “pop” of visual appeal. Bright colors are ideal for accenting certain areas or structures of your landscape, and they invite energy to your outdoor space.
  • Try to choose complementary colors, or colors that go well together and accentuate each other. For example, yellow and purple or orange and blue.
  • Consider the foliage effects along with the color. This is important when achieving long-season interest. Plants will have various foliage textures, and this should be considered alongside its color when determining how your plants will look together throughout the year.

It Requires Some Forethought, You May Need a Professional

Achieving color in your yard throughout each season isn’t easy, and it can’t be accomplished as a last minute decision or random selection. Seasonal color undoubtedly requires planning and forethought, which is often better handled by a landscaping professional.

Our landscaping experts are keenly aware of the list of commonly sold plants and trees and their approximate bloom times, along with plants that offer variety to the landscape in the form of texture and seasonal leaf color. This can be an overwhelming process for the average homeowner. We also take into account the shape and size of your yard as well as the potential climate changes, as weather can easily impact both the timing and color intensity of your blooms.

For your personal Seasonal Color Design and Installation in the greater Atlanta area, call Garden Lights Landscaping.

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