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Top Reasons to Install an Outdoor Fireplace Atlanta, GA

Top Reasons to Install an Outdoor Fireplace

Stone Outdoor Fireplace in Atlanta

As the temperatures begin to fall in Georgia, you may be preparing for more indoor gatherings. However, if you have an outdoor fireplace, your enjoyment of your outdoor space doesn’t have to end when the seasons change. From backyard entertaining to aesthetic appeal, an outdoor fireplace can offer several significant benefits.

If you’ve been on the fence about installing an outdoor fireplace on your property, we invite you to consider the following valued reasons to say yes to this popular landscaping project:

#1. Warmth and Comfort – the most obvious yet notable benefit of having a quality outdoor fireplace or fire pit in your backyard. With the ability to heat up your outdoor space, you’ll extend your backyard enjoyment through the colder months of the year.

#2. Improved Aesthetics – when installed by a professional, your fireplace can show off beautiful stone work or other hardscaping materials that compliment your overall landscape design. With a simple fireplace, a boring backyard becomes an instant outdoor living space.

#3. Romantic Ambiance— an outdoor fireplace can set the stage for the perfect date night in your own backyard. Whether you are having an intimate conversation or snuggling in silence under the stars, a backyard fireplace can provide the romantic setting you desire.

#4: Great for Entertaining— it’s easy to invite friends and family to gather around your outdoor fireplace or fire pit to tell stories, roast marshmallows or simply stay warm during the cooler nights of the year. As a boost, the fire can naturally keep insects and pests away from your guests as you entertain.

#5 Boost Property Values – you’ll get a return on your investment in terms of overall property value when you install an outdoor fireplace, as this suggests more living space and is a big draw for potential homebuyers.

Still not sure you want to install an outdoor fireplace in your Georgia backyard? Let us help. At Garden Lights Landscaping, we offer a full menu of outdoor fireplace designs and materials, including stone fireplaces. Call today and let us help you with planning, site preparation, permitting, safety concerns, installation, fireplace care and more.

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