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Top Reasons Why You Have a Weed Problem Atlanta, GA

Top Reasons Why You Have a Weed Problem

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Weeds are one of the most common (and frustrating) lawn issues. Not only are weeds a threat to the aesthetics of your lawn, but they can sabotage its health. Weeds take over quickly and steal water and nutrients from your grass in the process. This can result in thin grass as well as yellow or brown patches across your lawn.

Why are weeds taking over your lawn and not your neighbors? If you can’t seem to win the battle against weeds every year, it is important to consider what makes a weed grow in the first place. Instead of focusing on the weed, we invite you to consider the surrounding conditions that may make be inviting weeds in your lawn. Here are some common reasons why weeds have become a problem in your landscape:

  • Lawn Neglect: The most obvious culprit to a weed infested lawn is neglect. If you don’t care for your grass (proper mowing, irrigation, herbicides, etc), you can’t expect weeds to stay away.
  • Compact Soil. Consider the texture of your soil. Weed seeds thrive in soil that is too compact for your grass roots to grow.
  • Nearby Source. Try to determine the culprit to your weeds. Your weed seeds may be coming from nearby plants (ragweed pollen, dandelions)
  • Nutrient Overload. Are you using a lot of chemicals to treat your lawn? This could be backfiring and causing an overload of nutrients that weed seeds need to thrive.
  • Mowing Mishaps. Weeds don’t like to grow in short grass. Therefore, if you’ve forgotten to cut your grass or slacked off on your mowing habits, you may be giving weeds an extra opportunity to flourish.

Let us Help Control Weeds

Now that you’ve recognized your weed problem and perhaps found the culprit to your overtaken lawn, it is time to find an effective solution. In many cases, this can involve doing things differently than what you’ve been doing so far – including your mowing habits and pesticide use. Weeds can be controlled by weed killers, weed barriers or pulling them by hand. At Garden Lights Landscaping, we value the importance of creating a weed control plan that is customized to your specific lawn. Call today to learn how you can win the battle against weeds this season.

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