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Winterizing Irrigation Atlanta, GA

Winterizing Irrigation

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Since winters are rather mild in Georgia, is it really necessary to winterize your irrigation system? This is a common homeowner question, and one we are happy to answer at Garden Lights Landscaping. While it is true that our southern state is typically exempt from days of heavy snow or subzero temperatures, that doesn’t mean we won’t get moments of extra cold air during the winter season. When it comes to your irrigation system, it only takes that one hard freeze to ruin your pipes and damage your sprinklers.

With your dormant grass and leafless trees, you won’t need your irrigation system during the winter like you do in the spring, summer and even fall. Instead of simply turning off its automatic timer, we encourage you to take the proper preventative steps to fully winterize your irrigation system. Any water that is left inside your pipes and sprinklers can freeze, harden and injure your system in a matter of minutes. Winterizing your irrigation often involves a straight-forward and brief process that can prevent costly freeze damage such as the following:

  • cracked lateral lines (pipes and fittings)
  • broken sprinkler heads
  • busted valves
  • cracked or leaking backflow devices

Not sure how to winterize your sprinkler system? Let us help. At Garden Lights Landscaping, we are equipped to install, repair and maintain your irrigation system on your commercial or residential property – which inevitably includes winterizing it a timely manner before the first freeze threat in Georgia. If you failed to winterize your irrigation and suspect freeze damage, we can also handle the repairs it may need to ensure it works properly when you need it in spring. Our professionals proudly work with irrigation systems of all sizes. Call today to get a free estimate on irrigation repair or winterization.

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