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altA backyard swimming pool with a custom deck.

Custom Decks

A deck is the easy first step into outdoor living for many Atlanta-area homeowners. Whether you are simply extending space from a part of your home, surrounding your pool or creating a separate, multi-level entertainment venue, custom decks can be built to fit virtually any size need. Garden Lights Landscaping builds custom decks for residential and commercial clients throughout northern Georgia.

There is more to building a deck than simple carpentry. Creating a deck that fits into your landscape and meets your needs requires an artistic eye and a knowledge of landscape design. The professional team at Garden Lights Landscaping considers every aspect of your property, needs and budget when handling your custom deck project. This includes site layout, available space, connections to your home or other structures, site preparation, sourcing materials, precision craftsmanship and detailed finishing.

Reliable Atlanta Deck Contractor

Far too many contractors do not handle projects in a professional manner. They arrive late, quit early, leave unfinished projects hanging for days or weeks, do shoddy work, use questionable construction methods and unsavory people. When you want a reliable Atlanta deck contractor, call Garden Lights Landscaping.

Every hardscape and landscape we design and create is done so in conjunction with and alongside the client. Our team handles every aspect of your project with courtesy, respect and professionalism. We understand that your custom deck must fit into the overall landscape for the utmost usability and aesthetic appeal. Our professionals leave nothing to chance and no detail undone to ensure you are more than satisfied with your custom deck.

The hardscape team at Garden Lights Landscaping in Atlanta can handle any custom deck project for residential or commercial applications, of any size or shape. Contact us today, and schedule a custom deck consultation to speak with one of our hardscape designers. They can walk you through each step of the process to make sure we build the deck you need. We can also recommend beautiful landscape elements for around your deck.

Custom decks are very versatile steps into outdoor living and can be more affordable than you may think. Contact Garden Lights Landscaping today, and share your budget with us – we can offer options for affordable decks to fit almost any budget.

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