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Atlanta Drainage Solutions

An important part of planning your dream landscape is ensuring the proper drainage for rain or excess water. The slightest miscalculation can cause water to pool or be channeled in the wrong direction, destroying your landscaping, hardscapes, lawn and even your home or other building’s foundation. Garden Lights Landscaping is a professional company in Atlanta with drainage specialists that can create effective drainage solutions for the perfect landscaping project.

Water has great potential for damage; much more than most people realize. When channeled into the wrong places, it can wash away topsoil and important nutrients, expose the roots of expensive plants and trees, wear away the foundations of hardscapes and more. Because water follows the path of least resistance, the slightest slope in the wrong place can cause serious problems in your lawn, landscape and property.

Early in our landscape planning process, we address the drainage factors on your property and what will be needed to ensure the safety and long-term viability of all your landscape elements. Drainage elements can range from simple grading and ditches to man-made creek beds, French drains and even concrete drainage channels to send excess water into local drains or other solutions. Our team will recommend the best solutions for your property based on a number of factors.

Fix Drainage Problems for Proper Landscaping

Have you previously invested much time and expense into a beautiful landscaping plan, only to see it ruined by water because of drainage problems? This could be because of inexperienced landscapers not addressing drainage concerns on your property. It could also be because of changes to your property over time. A previous drainage solution may become ineffective after years of rain, wind and other factors that can change the route water follows across your property.

Garden Lights Landscaping has the drainage specialists on our team that can examine your current drainage issues and generate a solution. We can perform grading, digging or other means to create effective drainage channels to keep your property protected and your landscaping elements safe from damage. We can also repair the damage from poor drainage by replacing trees, plants, sod, turf or other landscaping elements to restore a pristine, beautiful appearance to your property.

Contact Garden Lights Landscaping in Atlanta today for your drainage issues in Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Brookhaven, Buckhead, Chamblee, Decatur, Johns Creek and Roswell. We can ensure proper drainage is in place before you begin landscape planning.

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