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flagstone walkway

Flagstone & Bluestone Hardscapes

Flagstone and bluestone are an extremely popular choice of materials for hardscapes throughout Georgia. Their durability, weather resistance, ease of use and wide variety of color variations make them a popular addition to match virtually any landscape. Garden Lights Landscaping can create flagstone and bluestone hardscapes for any Atlanta-area home or business landscaping project.

Flagstone is a sedimentary rock made from a combination of sandstone and various minerals. It can be cut, shaped or used naturally as a material for walkways, patios, wall coverings and retaining walls. It comes naturally in more brownish, earthy tones that provide a more rustic appearance in your landscape design. It is not slate, which is very slippery and not a good material for walkways. Flagstone has a somewhat rough surface, weathers well and can be fitted in various shaped patterns and sizes.

Bluestone is actually a form of flagstone, albeit composed of different minerals that give it the bluish tint. Bluestone gives a more elegant, classic appearance, and is sturdier and longer-lasting than flagstone. It also has a rougher surface, making it the ideal paver stone for walkways and pool sides. It can also be cut and shaped into different sizes for custom applications.

Custom Atlanta Hardscapes

Should you choose flagstone or bluestone for your custom Atlanta hardscapes? Aside from color matching, there are other considerations. Bluestone is darker and will retain more heat than lighter flagstone. It is also a rougher-surfaced stone, providing more traction for potentially slippery areas, like pools or sloped walkways.

Bluestone tends to stand out more in a natural landscape, while flagstone blends in easier with its earth-toned coloring. Both are great options for hardscapes in North Georgia, and Garden Lights Landscaping only sources our flagstone and bluestone from high-quality providers for the absolute best product. Our landscape design team can help you decide which option would best fit your current or planned landscape.

Contact us at Garden Lights Landscaping in Atlanta for all your hardscape and landscape needs, including projects using flagstone or bluestone. We serve the metro area, as well as communities throughout Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Brookhaven, Buckhead, Chamblee, Decatur, Johns Creek and Roswell.

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