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Grading & Clearing Atlanta, GA

Grading & Clearing

Do you own property around the Atlanta Metro area that needs clearing off before it can be used? You may have just purchased new land or been gifted a piece of property that is overgrown with trees, brush, weeds and tangled undergrowth. There may be a section of your existing property that has laid unused and unneeded for some time, but now your plans have changed. Garden Lights Landscaping has the tools, team and knowledge to clear your land and grade properly for any planned landscaping or building projects.

More than just bulldozing away every living thing down to bare dirt, effective grading and clearing take into account your planned use of the property. Issues like drainage, nearby wildlife, natural water sources, proximity to underground utilities and more all must be factored into an effective land clearing plan before the first machine arrives.

Garden Lights Landscaping has the machinery and skills to clear land and perform site grading for numerous projects, limiting the damage done to your property and soil. We can prepare your land for:

  • Custom landscaping
  • Hunting
  • Construction
  • Planned thoroughfares
  • Utility access
  • Farming
  • Livestock
  • More…

Georgia Property Clearing Services

Anytime you need Georgia property clearing services in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Brookhaven, Buckhead, Chamblee, Decatur, Johns Creek or Roswell, contact us at Garden Lights Landscaping. Commercial or residential land clearing and grading is part of our professional services from highly skilled and experienced specialists. As landscaping experts, we know how to properly evaluate, clear, grade and finish different types of real estate for numerous uses.

Every grading and clearing project is unique, just like the property itself and your plans for using it. Our team will first learn your vision for the property, timeframe, budget and other concerns. Then, we will examine any local factors that can affect the project, such as natural water sources, property lines, building and use codes, nearby utility lines and piping.

With Garden Lights Landscaping as your clearing and grading contractor, you can have peace of mind that your property will be handled and treated with care and respect. Contact us today for more information or to arrange for a quote at your property around Atlanta, GA.

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