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A backyard flagstone patio with waterfall and pond.

Quality Hardscapes Throughout the Atlanta Metro

Hardscapes are those elements in your landscape that are built from hard-wearing materials, as opposed to softer, organic or horticultural elements. They are typically built from wood, stone or concrete and usually serve both utilitarian and aesthetic functions. Garden Lights Landscaping provides quality hardscapes throughout the Atlanta Metro area for your home or business landscape projects.

Hardscapes are important aspects of any landscape project because they add organization and definition to the natural aspects of the area, like flowers and plants. Hardscapes can be used to define certain utilitarian spaces, like a driveway or guided walkway through a grassy area. Fences, walkways, paths, water features, seating areas, shade and patios are other examples of hardscapes that add beauty and functionality to your landscape.

Professionally Built Hardscapes for Function & Beauty

Garden Lights Landscaping offers professionally built hardscapes for function and beauty. As an essential part of your overall landscape, they should be planned for the best location and ultimate impact. Whether using a hardscape for guiding foot traffic, protecting an aspect of your property or adding color and style, our team can help you plan, design and create top quality hardscapes that will add lasting beauty and versatility to your landscape. Some of the hardscape options we provide include:

Beautiful walkways, pavers, patios, driveways or other structures using decorative and durable flagstone or bluestone add a significant level of sophistication and definition to your landscape. Moreover, the team at Garden Lights Landscaping has the skills, knowledge and tools to do the job right the first time, for a pleasing and long-lasting element that greatly enhances your landscape project.

Contact Garden Lights Landscaping in Atlanta and Sandy Springs for all your landscape planning and installation needs, including quality, custom-built hardscapes. We only source the finest materials for all our projects with you and guarantee minimal disruption to your home or business operations while we perform your installation. Call today to schedule a session with one of our landscape designers to see how you can best add a new hardscape to your existing or planned landscape.

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