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A professional landscaper installing irrigation system.

Irrigation for a Healthy Landscape

All living things need water, and this is especially true of your landscape grasses, plants, flowers and other flora. While natural rain is not scarce in Georgia, our climate does contribute to some hot, dry periods where your landscape can suffer from a lack of water. Manual watering with the garden hose is terribly inefficient, not to mention wasteful. Garden Lights Landscaping can offer solutions that provide irrigation for a healthy landscape for Atlanta-area home and business owners.

If you’ve ever wished you could eliminate brown spots or dead areas in your lawn, the most common culprit is a lack of adequate water. Watering just the trouble spots neglects the needs of the rest of your landscape. Plus, manual watering almost never provides an adequate amount of water in all the right places. A healthy landscape needs a moderate soaking at a certain time of day to achieve maximum health and beauty.

The only way to provide your residential or commercial landscape with adequate watering is with an irrigation system. These systems are custom built to your needs according to exacting measurements and layouts to ensure maximum water exposure to all your landscape greenery. Garden Lights Landscaping can design and install the perfect irrigation solution for any size or shaped property throughout the Atlanta Metro area and surrounding communities.

Atlanta Landscape Irrigation Contractor

As an experienced Atlanta landscape irrigation contractor, Garden Lights Landscaping can design and install a complete irrigation system that will sustain your beautiful landscape for years to come. Our irrigation specialists know how to lay out and design state-of-the-art systems with flow meters, backflow prevention measures, pumps, lines and other components that meet with modern codes and irrigation standards.

Sprinkler Systems

Our residential and commercial sprinkler systems ensure adequate watering for all your grass and plants without wasting water or causing extraneous runoff that leads to drainage problems. For small yards to elaborate lawns and landscapes with multiple elements, Garden Lights Landscaping has the irrigation engineering knowledge, skills and tools to get the job done right the first time.

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