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A professionally designed and maintained garden with hardscapes, trees and decorative plants.

Quality Atlanta Landscaping Design

Garden Lights Landscaping has some of the most creative and artistic designers in the Atlanta area on our team. No matter how simple or elaborate your ideas are for transforming your home or business property, we can recommend and build the ultimate outdoor space that will exceed the most ardent expectations. Learn more about our landscaping design process and what to expect when you contact Garden Lights Landscaping for quality Atlanta landscaping design and installation.

Our Professional Design Process

When you contact Garden Lights Landscaping for help with enhancing or transforming your Atlanta-area property, we set up a time to visit with you personally. A skilled and knowledgeable landscape designer will connect with you to make arrangements. Here is a bit more about what to expect as you experience our professional design process.

Step 1 On-Site Meeting & Measurements

Our designer will meet with you on your property to discuss your plans and ideas and obtain basic measurements. This allows the designer to begin evaluating your space and getting an idea of the level of transformation you envision.

Step 2 Design Quote

Our designer will return to Garden Lights Landscaping and create a detailed plan that shows the elements of your new landscape. We will also calculate a reasonable cost estimate and provide a quote for our services. Our designer will review this initial design and quote with you, and explain the recommended elements.

Step 3 Planning & Specific Elements

Upon approval of your design, we will begin refining our plans for layout, plant and material selection, hardscape construction, soil testing, drainage and more. This is a time for expanding ideas and answering questions to refine your design before actual construction begins.

Step 4 Contract & Scheduling

After agreeing to the final scope of your project and its cost, we will complete the contract, accept your deposit and finalize a schedule for each phase of your project’s completion.

Step 5 Installation & Construction

We do not believe in surprises, unwarranted delays or extended time away from your project. Garden Lights Landscaping delivers true professionalism in every detail, including the timeliness of our work. We will not vanish for days at a time or leave your property in an unkempt state. Every aspect of installation and/or construction is handled efficiently.

Step 6 Tour & Maintenance Plan

When your project is completed, our designer will walk through the entire landscape with you, explaining the finished product and sharing tips for maintenance. We can also complete a maintenance plan and schedule for our team to care for your new landscape and lawn care.

Contact the team at Garden Lights Landscaping in Atlanta today, and learn more about our landscape design services and quality process that guarantees your complete satisfaction.

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