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A flagstone patio with an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchens, Bars, BBQs

Do you wish you could do more entertaining in your Atlanta-area home, but are restricted by the available indoor space? Do you love having guests over, but lament over time spent in the kitchen and away from your friends? We have outdoor living space solutions! Garden Lights Landscaping creates beautiful and versatile outdoor kitchens, bars and BBQs for the ultimate entertaining venue.

As outdoor living grows in popularity, more and more Georgia homeowners are choosing to extend their living space into the outdoors for better areas that encourage relaxation or entertaining. Completely customized and functional outdoor kitchens, bars and BBQs allow you to stay with your guests and continue the great fellowship while preparing meals, snacks, drinks or otherwise tending to their needs.

These elements are specifically designed to withstand weather and temperatures outdoors, for safe and durable storage as well as quick, efficient use. There are many varieties of the different elements from which to choose, and our hardscape team can help you select ones with the best features and other considerations for your needs.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens typically include sinks, stoves, refrigerator/freezers/coolers and food preparation spaces that allow almost complete meal preparation near your guests. Some storage is also included for cooking and serving necessities. Of course, larger outdoor kitchens will feature more space for everything and larger appliances, but they are all coverable and built to withstand outdoor elements.

Outdoor Bars

Running back and forth into your home to fetch, refill or mix drinks for your family and guests is a thing of the past with custom outdoor bars. Include this popular option as part of your overall outdoor kitchen or create a separate bar adjacent to your pool or seating area for convenience. Most outdoor bars include a small sink, large cooler and plenty of storage for your favorite beverages and mixers, plus cabinetry for storing glasses.

Outdoor BBQs

Who doesn’t love homemade BBQ in the south? Grill or smoke savory meats for your family and guests right in your own custom outdoor BBQ setup. Include dual grills, a smoker or a combination model with areas for meat preparation, cleaning, carving and utensil storage. An outdoor BBQ is an essential component for outdoor living and a great companion to your outdoor kitchen.

Contact Garden Lights Landscaping for options in custom outdoor kitchens, bars and BBQs to raise your outdoor living to the next level.

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