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Paver Patios Atlanta, GA

Paver Patios

Durable and long-lasting paver patios make a beautiful addition to any Georgia landscape, providing a wonderful surface for foot traffic, furniture and other items. They are a great value and are much more resilient than poured or stamped concrete. Garden Lights Landscaping in Atlanta is your source for professionally installed paver patios for residential or commercial hardscape projects.

Paver patios are constructed from individual pieces of concrete, clay brick or natural stone. They are fitted together in various patterns and the joints are filled with a sand-like substance that hardens and provides a secure filler. They are available in many different colors for blending into your landscape design or nearby elements.

Paver patios are a great option in Atlanta, offering benefits that include:

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Interlocking for a strong, yet flexible, pavement
  • Many manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their pavers
  • Pavers handle climate and weather changes better than poured concrete
  • Paver patios are low maintenance

Local Georgia Paver Patio Company

Garden Lights Landscaping is your local Georgia paver patio company in the Atlanta Metro area and surrounding towns of Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Brookhaven, Buckhead, Chamblee, Decatur, Johns Creek and Roswell. Paver patios are a great option for understated elegance, durability and as an easy-care and all-weather hardscape for large or small landscapes.

Garden Lights Landscaping can help you plan the perfect layout, prepare the site and source the best materials, as well as install your paver patio. These key preparation steps are vital to a beautiful, level and lasting paver patio project. Unskilled landscapers will skip the important steps to prepare the site with leveling, weed/grass removal and ensuring proper drainage. Our team has the skills, knowledge and tools to do the job right the first time.

The talented hardscape team at Garden Lights Landscaping will always plan your project with you, taking into account your schedule, desired timeline and any other factors that will impact how we will work on your property. We will also leave a clean, pristine setting behind, with nothing but your new hardscape to admire and enjoy.

Contact Garden Lights Landscaping in Atlanta for more information about paver patios and other hardscape projects to add character and functionality to your home or business landscape.

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