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Pine Straw, Mulch, Rock & Edging Atlanta, GA

Pine Straw, Mulch, Rock and Edging

Some of the most basic and most versatile landscaping elements include pine straw, mulch, rock and edging to help protect your various plants. In addition to adding an aesthetic element to your landscaping, these materials provide benefits for drainage, erosion control, cold and heat protection and weed prevention. Garden Lights Landscaping is your source in Atlanta for top-quality landscaping materials for the most beautiful and functional landscapes.

Pine Straw
Pine straw is a common and popular covering to surround your plants and trees. As a replacement for standard bark mulch, pine straw is made from matted pine needles. These clump together for very effective erosion control and heat/cold protection, covering your soil and plant roots to retain moisture and provide nutrients as they slowly decay over time. Pine straw deteriorates slower than mulch, so it doesn’t need to be replaced or re-covered as frequently.

Wood mulch is a versatile and plentiful protective and decorative covering for plant and tree roots. Several inches of mulch packs together for superior erosion control, preventing moisture from evaporating too quickly. It also protects from heat and shields from the cold by holding in heat to keep roots safe from freezing. Wood mulch is organic, so it decays over time, adding valuable nutrients to the soil. Replace mulch at least once every season, depending on your specific application.

Many kinds of rock are used in landscaping, but smaller, more smooth and decorative versions are best for surrounding trees, plants and other elements. Rocks are very effective at facilitating drainage while staying in place to prevent erosion. Choose from colors that match or contrast your plant and foliage colors for a decorative effect. Rocks do not deteriorate, so your plants will not benefit from added nutrients.

Larger size rocks can be used in several ways for decorative landscaping. Flat rocks make great walkway pavers; round river rocks are attractive in plant beds; large boulders make focal pieces in other landscape features; a rock-lined creek bed is a beautiful feature that can also improve drainage on your property.

Edging materials form a visible barrier between grass and planted spaces, drawing a fixed separation line for beauty and to prevent grass/weed intrusion. Natural and artificial materials of all kinds can be used, according to your needs, budget and aesthetic desires. From black plastic pieces to flat rocks, colored stones and more, there are many options from which you can choose.

The landscape professionals at Garden Lights Landscaping can recommend which of these elements would be the perfect addition to your existing lawn, outdoor space or planned landscape project. We can also source the materials you need at great prices and install them for a seamless, pristine and natural appearance.

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