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Decatur Plant Installation Atlanta, GA

Landscape Plant Installation in Decatur

If you struggle to choose plants for your Decatur garden, reach out to Garden Lights Landscaping. We serve homes and businesses in North Georgia communities. With a team of experts supporting you, from plant installation to maintenance, you can create a vibrant and colorful garden oasis. Plant choices range from species that need replanting each year to seasonal plants that will make your landscape unique.

Whether you own a home or a business, Garden Lights Landscaping can provide plant installation services. New plants can dramatically change the aesthetic of a garden. You will feel more relaxed, surrounded by vibrant colors and arrangements.

When planting a garden, there are several shade requirements, and the soil must provide correct nutrition. It is also crucial that plant care is maintained. Each plant species requires special treatment, which Garden Lights Landscaping can provide.

Our team can create a maintenance plan based on a schedule that suits your garden’s needs. Customers can tailor our services to get the most from plant and lawn care in Decatur.

Plants for Every Season

If you are considering planting seasonal plants, turn to Garden Lights Landscaping for advice. We understand the dynamic between different plants, shrubs, trees, and surrounding hardscape features. So, for a garden that bursts with color or a calm and relaxing space, turn to our expert team.

Caring for some seasonal plants can present challenges for the inexperienced gardener. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t choose the plants that appeal to you. Garden Lights Landscaping can offer education or take over maintenance and care needs for your seasonal plants.

At Garden Lights Landscaping, we take care of more than just plant installation. Our team offers full landscape and hardscape design, custom pool design and installation, irrigation services, and outdoor living design and installation.

Our services are designed to enhance your happy place when the weather improves. We can design your landscape for aesthetics or functionality in Decatur, Georgia.

Contact Garden Lights Landscaping for plant installation and more in Decatur.

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