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Plant Installation Atlanta, GA

Landscape Plant Installation

Plants are an important part of any Atlanta landscape project, but choosing the right plants for your setting can present a challenge. The North Georgia climate is conducive to many types of plants, and your needs for ease of care is also a vital factor in making the best choices. Plus, some plants must be replaced each year while others will die during winter and then return to life in the spring. In addition, seasonal plants that appear and bloom for a brief time each year are also an option. Come to Garden Lights Landscaping when you need help with landscape plant installation and care.

The right plants blend in perfectly and seamlessly with the other elements of your home or business landscape design. Relaxing in your planned outdoor space among an oasis of beautiful, colorful plants and flowers is a benefit any homeowner would enjoy. But do you know what is required, where to place them and how many are needed to build the natural escape you desire? And what about the care needed for each plant, shrub and flower? Garden Lights Landscaping knows how to care for all your green and flowering plants that make your Georgia property look alive and thriving.

Most trees and plants require certain factors for planting, like the right soil depth and consistency for healthy roots, adequate covering for erosion protection, retaining moisture and providing some measure of shade. The professionals at Garden Lights Landscaping can recommend what is needed and source the absolute best materials, trees and plants to build your planned natural getaway space.

Seasonal Plants

At Garden Lights Landscaping, our team is very knowledgeable about the varieties of trees, flowers and other plants that grow well in the Georgia soil and climate. Many seasonal plants do extraordinarily well in our mild, southern climate, so there are many choices to fit any landscape project. We can suggest the best combination of seasonal plants, topiary and other flora to create stunning and pleasing landscapes for homes and businesses.

Plus, we can provide the routine care your landscape needs, from lawn care to flowers, trees, shrubs and numerous other plants. Creating and maintaining landscape showplaces are what we do best! Contact us at Garden Lights Landscaping today for help with selecting and installing the best plants for your personal oasis.

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