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a retaining wall

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are unique landscape features that allow you to utilize otherwise unusable portions of your property. Sloped areas that are difficult to care for are exceptional places for retaining walls and other decorative landscape elements. They can also serve as valuable erosion protection and drainage solutions. Garden Lights Landscaping has the trained and experienced professionals on our team to design, create, install and repair retaining walls on your Atlanta-area property.

Various materials can be used for retaining walls, depending on your needs, budget, desires and available materials. Simple, rustic-appearing retaining walls from railroad ties or landscaping timbers are effective and attractive. More robust retaining walls can be constructed from stone, concrete and even use steel reinforcement if necessary for added strength. Garden Lights Landscaping can source your retaining wall materials with the absolute best-quality elements that will last for decades.

Retaining Wall Installation

Retaining wall installation requires engineering expertise and prior planning if your retaining wall is to last and provide the benefits you need. More than holding back a wall of earth, retaining walls are pivotal for some drainage and erosion protection measures, plus they add a strong focal point for aesthetic appeal.

The team at Garden Lights Landscaping can design and install the most beautiful, durable and functional retaining wall on your property to add significant value and appeal to your landscape. We can also suggest other landscape elements to add around the wall for enhanced color, style and beauty.

Retaining Wall Repairs

As retaining wall experts, the team at Garden Lights Landscaping will also perform retaining wall repairs when an existing wall is failing or needing an upgrade. Over time, erosion and wear can cause your retaining wall to shift, lean or even collapse. We have the skills and knowhow to perform repairs, replacing worn elements and shoring up sagging portions for added stability. Plus, retaining wall repairs are a great time to consider how you can choose additional elements for even more color and versatility.

Contact Garden Lights Landscaping with your needs for a retaining wall in your landscape project. We can also perform retaining wall repairs throughout the Atlanta Metro area.

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