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seasonal flowers

Seasonal Color

Well-maintained gardens that are consistently in bloom are undeniably appealing for homes or businesses. A tastefully curated outdoor area creates a good first impression to potential customers and increases the prestige of your premises. Socializing with friends and family is enhanced by a vibrant and colorful atmosphere, while a pleasant view makes unwinding in your green space even more relaxing.

Creating a garden that produces a striking color palette throughout the seasons requires considerable forethought and planning. Flowers appropriate for the season must be carefully selected to ensure they properly take root and bloom as anticipated. The landscape and topography of your outdoor space will determine the placement of plants, as some will require full sun while others benefit from shade.

seasonal flowers

The nutrient content and consistency of your soil may need improvement to provide the ideal environment for your dream garden. Perennial flowering plants will bloom annually, but flowers do not last long. Annuals produce more flowers in a wide range of color combinations, although they need replanting every year.

Choose Professional Landscaping for Seasonal Color Success

At Garden Lights Landscaping, we have many years of experience providing landscaping solutions in the Atlanta area. We have an intrinsic understanding of Atlanta’s climate and soil quality. Our extensive knowledge of plants means we can easily determine which flowers will flourish in your garden and complete the effect you are trying to achieve. Our floral combinations will give you beautiful blooms through spring, summer and fall. There is no downtime in splendor, as flowers are specifically chosen to fill the transitional periods between other plants blooming.

seasonal flowers

Your home or business can benefit from the aesthetic appeal of beautifully flowering foliage across the seasons without the effort of planting and with little maintenance required. Come to us with dreams and aspirations for your garden, and we will work with you to bring that vision to life. Garden Lights Landscaping is committed to quality and excellence in every project and will bring that experience to your home or business.

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