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Quality Landscaping Services Around Atlanta, GA

Quality service from skilled and knowledgeable professionals is what you want when choosing landscaping services around Atlanta, GA, and that is just what we provide at Garden Lights Landscaping. Our talented team has years of experience with landscaping and hardscapes that range from simple and functional to truly stunning and elaborate. We know the right plants and greenery to use in our specific Georgia soil and climate to bring you the best in aesthetic appeal and carefree functionality.

Our team at Garden Lights Landscaping can recommend the perfect combination of landscaping elements, hardscapes, lighting, water features, shade and more to bring your ideas to life. Enjoy the best of Atlanta outdoor living with expanded space to enjoy with family and friends. Plus, we care for everything we design and install, so maintaining your beautiful property is a breeze – just sit back and enjoy it while we handle the details.

Georgia Landscaping Specialists

When you need landscaping specialists who know Georgia climate, soil, flora and all about the latest in outdoor living design and installation, call us at Garden Lights Landscaping. We offer basic services that include lawn care and maintenance as well as advanced landscaping and hardscape specialties that can truly transform any size or shaped property.

Visit these pages on our website to learn more about each major area of service, and contact us with your questions.

You can also explore our before and after gallery for examples of our exciting and innovative designs.

At Garden Lights Landscaping, we know landscaping design and everything it takes to remake dull, boring or underused properties into a personal oasis or stunning entertainment showplaces. We can even help you develop a plan to start small and level up in stages as your budget allows. Our design experts can recommend the best first steps for simple augmentations or elaborate transformations.

Contact us today to learn more about our services to Atlanta-area homeowners and business owners. We offer free estimates on our services and are ready to answer your questions about your landscaping plans.

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