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A garden patio with a shade structure.

Atlanta Shade Structures

Most outdoor living takes place in the pleasant, warmer months, but that can limit your relaxing or entertaining to late evening hours to avoid direct sunlight. Too much sun makes your outdoor space unbearable. Garden Lights Landscaping can build custom Atlanta shade structures to allow many more hours of cool relaxing and entertaining in your outdoor living spaces.

Trees can provide a source of natural shade when they are large enough and placed appropriately, but that is not always feasible. When natural shade is lacking, custom shade structures can be erected in precise locations to shade portions of your outdoor spaces or a complete shelter for entertaining and more.

Pergolas are custom-designed and built structures that feature columns supporting a roofing system with beams and rafters. Some pergolas can be opened or closed to allow in sunlight. The sides are completely open, but temporary coverings can be attached. Many pergolas are freestanding to provide cover over a select area of your outdoor space; some are attached to houses or other structures.

Pavilions are flexible, architectural shelters that can be permanent or temporary. Not as elaborate or fancy as a pergola, pavilions can be created in a variety of artistic shapes to reflect a theme or match your landscape design. They can serve as great shelters for entertaining, providing shade and more.

Gazebos are smaller, open, freestanding structures usually situated within a garden or landscaped area and used for temporary shelter, seating, programs or other needs. Most are permanent and decorative in nature, while providing a beautiful and versatile source of shade and shelter from sun or rain.

Which type of structure do you need for your landscape? Your personal requirements and needs will dictate which structure you could use; maybe even more than one for different areas of a larger landscape plan. Shade, entertaining, special programs or artistic events and other things can demand more than one structure.

Garden Lights Landscaping can help you select from a variety of options and materials to design and build the perfect shade structure that meets your needs and fits into your overall landscape. Contact us today for information and planning assistance.

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