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Sod Installation Atlanta, GA

North Georgia Sod Installation

Home and business owners throughout Atlanta, Dunwoody, Buckhead, Decatur and Sandy Springs are choosing sod to create beautiful, healthy landscapes. Garden Lights Landscaping is your source for professional North Georgia sod installation, including site preparation and materials sourcing for your complete project. No area is too large or too small for quality sod installation to create the perfect lawn or public space.

Garden Lights Landscaping uses locally-sourced, top-quality sod that is perfect for the Georgia climate and various types of soil. We can recommend the best variety for your particular application and location, as well as handle all the site preparation required so your sod has the best possible chance to take hold and thrive. Preparing the site and soil and providing adequate irrigation is essential for a successful sod installation that will last.

Contact Garden Lights Landscaping when you wish to use sod for a landscaping project. We can walk you through each step of the process, from choosing the best sod to site preparation, to caring for your sod and long-term health; we can even recommend other landscape elements that will really make your property stand out.

Professional Landscapes with Quality Sod

You can enjoy a professional landscape for a variety of uses with quality sod, and much faster than seeding and growing natural grasses. When you are planning a residential or commercial landscape project, sod is a prime choice for grassing the area quickly and giving the space a head start on growth and beauty.

While installing sod requires more than just placing squares or rolling out lines of sod, it is still quicker than sowing grass. Our sod experts at Garden Lights Landscaping can handle all the site preparation, sod installation and helping you care for your landscape as it takes hold and becomes viable. Factors like adequate moisture and limiting traffic are also important to help your sod project be successful.

When you need professional landscapes using quality sod in north Georgia, contact us at Garden Lights Landscaping. We have the skilled and experienced team to create the perfect landscape with various types of sod that fit your needs for health and beauty.

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