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Sprinkler Systems Atlanta, GA

Sprinkler Systems

Custom sprinkler systems are the lifeblood of home and commercial landscapes across Atlanta and North Georgia. If you have wished you could eliminate brown spots or liven up the appearance of your lawn and other landscape flora, custom sprinkler systems are the solution. However, just stringing some hose and placing a few sprinklers can cause more problems than it solves. Garden Lights Landscaping in Atlanta can help with custom sprinkler systems designed especially for your landscape needs.

Every type of plant in your landscape requires water; some more than others, but all need it to survive and thrive. With custom sprinkler systems from Garden Lights Landscaping, our irrigation specialists tailor the system to specifically provide the moisture levels needed to best care for your entire landscape. We design a custom layout that places sprinklers in strategic locations to adequately cover every inch of your landscape with nourishing water.

Our team knows how to create the perfect layout to ensure adequate watering without undue waste or creating drainage problems. Plus, timers can ensure your landscape receives the water it needs at the proper time for maximum health, while protecting your plants and flowers from damage. Our custom sprinkler systems also include the proper components for preventing backflow to meet local codes.

Experienced Georgia Landscape Sprinkler System Company

If you’re still trying to manually water your landscape in Sandy Springs or Decatur, you’re likely doing more harm than good, while also wasting too much water. There is almost no way to calculate how much water your landscape receives when watering by hand with a garden hose, and it is virtually impossible to provide the amount needed on every inch of your property.

An experienced Georgia landscape sprinkler system company like Garden Lights Landscaping can relieve you of the watering burden with a customized, professional landscape sprinkler system. Our systems meet or exceed the local codes for water use and backflow protection, as well as save you money and protect your lawn from excess watering. Plus, we can ensure your landscape receives adequate watering at the right time of day for maximum health and longevity.

Contact Garden Lights Landscaping today for superior landscape irrigation solutions throughout the Atlanta Metro area with custom sprinkler systems to fit your unique needs and property.

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