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Water Features

Water features add a unique ambiance to any landscape design. Softly running water sounds relaxing and can offer a cooling, aesthetically-pleasing and attractive element. Any Atlanta-area home can have a water feature as part of its landscape; place one on your commercial property for an added sense of elegance and serenity. Garden Lights Landscaping installs custom water features to improve home and business landscapes.

What kind of water features are needed in your landscape? Almost any water feature can fit with numerous types of trees, plants, flowers, shrubs, hardscapes and other flora. From the daintiest birdbath to elaborate fountains and waterfalls, water features provide relaxing sounds, pleasant views and even a cooler feeling for your landscape.

  • Fountains
  • Water spouts
  • Bubbling rocks
  • Ponds
  • Waterfalls
  • Creeks

Within the above types of water features are many different styles and sizes. Some fountains can actually provide water to guests while others are purely for show. Certain water features can be connected, flowing from one into another, such as a fountain that flows into a pond or a creek that ends in a waterfall.

North Georgia Water Feature Builder

Garden Lights Landscaping is a premier North Georgia water feature builder, and we can design and construct the perfect water feature to fit into your landscape design, even interacting with your hardscapes. We can study the layout of your property and recommend features that complement certain areas. Other standalone features can be placed almost anywhere.

Our skilled hardscape team walks you through every stage of adding a water feature to your landscape, including design, sourcing materials, installing water lines, valves and piping, grading and site preparation, drainage and actual installation. We can also recommend and install complementary plants and other landscaping around your water feature for a complete, seamless appearance.

Atlanta-area homes and businesses can add a touch of elegance and create a calming ambiance with custom water features from Garden Lights Landscaping. Ask about water features when you contact us today and speak with a landscape or hardscape designer from our team. We build custom, beautiful water features throughout North Georgia, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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